From last 20 years i was suffering from white spots .i tried allopathic as well as homeopathic treatment but instead of getting cured my spots increased.One of my cousin told me about you & i decided to give it one more try .After a treatment of 2 years I got cured from white spots & feel greatly thankful to you for giving me a new life. 
Jagdish, Jaipur Raj.


I got divorced because of white spots but after your treatment i got cured & now i'm leading a peaceful happy life .
Mary Dsouza,Mumbai ,India


I was rejected for any job wherever i went because of white spots but after Dr. Rajesh Khandelwal & Dr.Ranu Gupta's treatment i got cured & got a good job & now i'm leading a peaceful happy life .
Mukesh,Gandhinagar Gujarat


We have lost hope of curing our daughter from white spots but after meeting Dr. Rajesh Khandelwal we got hope to try once more & in 18 months our daughter got cured perfectly .We pray for long life of Dr. Rajesh Khandelwal.
Bhanwar singh, Udaipur Raj

I was not able to get married because of white spots but after Dr. Rajesh Khandelwal's treatment i got cured & now i'm married living happily.
Surabhi , Ahemdabad Gujarat


My daughter got cured from baldness by Dr. Rajesh Khandelwal's treatment & now is happy enough to lead a better future
Kailash Chandra, Jodhpur Raj.

After delivery my hair fall started vigorously. Soon I started treatment from Astha Clinic. Within a week my hair fall stopped upto 50%  and in a month hair fall stopped totally. But I continued the treatment for 3 monnths . As a result I regain my lost hair .The result showed me an improved quality of hair.
Babita Sharma (Jaipur, Rajasthan , India).


5 years back I was diagnosed Psoriasis. I tried allopathic medicines which relieved my burning and itching for a short time but whenever I stopped the medicines , my condition detoriated. My cousin told me about Astha Clinic . I switched to the clinic and started treatment. Amazingly, After 1 year my psoriasis was totally cured .Now I am living happily and my all worries have gone.
Dinesh (Ahemdabad , Gujarat , India.)


For sure treatment of vitiligo, must visit at Astha Clinic.
Pritam singh Kukreja (Chandigarh, India)

Thanks to Dr Ranu Gupta who brought back my all happiness. Many doctors advised me for hystrectomy due to irregular vaginal bleeding but my faith was on Astha clinic which cured my all problems.
Sashi Mehta (Kishangarh , Rajasthan , India)


Astha Clinic is providing the best treatment of leucoderma in India.
Shweta Rathore (Noida , India)


I was issue less till 5 years of married life.I had a problem of oligospermia. Dr Khandelwal gave me friendly advise & successful treatment. Now I have a healthy baby. May Dr Khandelwal's success spread day by day.
Jitender Kumar Sisodiya (Singapore)


Astha Clinic is a ray of hope for psoriasis patients.
Jai Patel (Ahmedabad , Gujarat)


My white spots on hands and legs got cured at Astha Clinic in 6 months. Dr Khandelwal gave me an amazing result for which I was wandering from doctors to doctors.
Swati Patel (Ahmedabad , Gujarat)


Dr Ranu Gupta cured my dandruff and hair fall problem. Thanks to her.
Manju Jain (Udaipur)


When there is a possible treatment of Kidney Stones in homeopathy then why should we choose surgery for it? Dr Khandelwal's treatment helped my 16.7 mm sized stone situated in right kidney to pass out. My all worries have gone. Thank you doctor.
Mahesh Khandelwal (Ajmer , Rajasthan , India)


Leucorrhoea is a very irritating problem for females. They hide their problems and suffer themselves. At Astha clinic Dr Ranu Gupta cured my chronic leucorrhea and all associated problems in 4 months. Now I am happy and living a confident life.
Seema Joshi (Ajmer , Rajasthan , India)


I am happy to say that Dr Khandelwal Cured my lichen planus. Thanks and best wishes for him.
Krishna Ben (Surat , Gujarat , India)


I was jobless for 7 years because of leucoderma. Allopathic treatment aggravated my all problems. My uncle gave me an introduction of Astha Clinic . Keeping my faith on him I moved there. Really Dr Khandelwal's treatment gave me a miracle result in 2 months. My all white spots vanished in 1 year's treatment. Now I am leading a prestigious life.
Mahesh Bhai (Surat , Gujarat , India)


I am a M.B.B.S. doctor. I have no problem in saying that Dr Khandelwal is having a successful treatment of leucoderma.
Dr Nisha Lodha (Shri Ganganagar)


My 5 year old daughter's vitiligo cured by Dr Khandelwal in the camp organised at varodara. Thanks to Dr Khandelwal.
Rakesh Bhai Patel (Varodara,Gujarat , India)


I would like to suggest only one name for the solution of hair problems and that is Astha Clinic, Ajmer.
Mamta Khandelwal (Jaipur, Rajasthan , India)


My 3 year old alopecia areata cured successfully by Dr Khandelwal. I am very thankful to him . Now I have regained my lost confidence.
Shyam Sunder Sharma (Bhilwara, Rajasthan , India)


After stopping steroids my Vitiligo spread rapidly on the entire body which previously was only on hands. On my friend's suggestion I visited to Astha clinic. Here I discussed with Dr Khandelwal. He started my treatment. Within 1 month pigmentation started on the spots and in 6 months my Vitiligo was cured. Thanks to Dr Khandelwal.
Aditi Saran (Mathura , Uttar Pradesh , India)


Dr Khandelwal is giving a successful treatment of Vitiligo.
Prashant Sinha (Ajmer , Rajasthan , India)


Dr Ranu Gupta treated my hair fall problem upto 90 % in 20 days.
Seema Chittora (Ajmer , Rajasthan , India)


I am thankful to Dr Ranu Gupta for curing my hairfall and dandruff problem.
Preeti Jain (Ajmer , Rajasthan , India)


Dr Khandelwal cured leucoderma around my eyes, in 3 months. Thanks to him.
Jaya Ben (Varodara,Gujarat , India)


Patients suffering from leucoderma must visit Astha Clinic . Here they'll find a successful treatment.
Jagdish Rajput (Lalsot, Rajasthan , India)


Leucoderma on my face was cured by Dr Ranu Gupta in 4 months. Thanks to her and I wish for her bright future.
Suman Jaat (Kota, Rajasthan , India)


One can get rid of white spots by taking treatment from Astha Clinic.
Anil Meena (Beawar, Rajasthan,India)


Now no more worries about hair problems. Astha clinic will give you the best possible treatment for all types of hair problems.
Kiran Chundawat (Ajmer , Rajasthan , India)


I was going for IVF treatment but my friend told me to take a chance at Astha Clinic before . I did so, and I am happy to say that I am having a baby of three months . Thanks to my friend and Dr Khandelwal who saved my money.
Girriraj Kumawat (Ajmer , Rajasthan , India)


Thanks to Dr Ranu Gupta who cured my PCOD.
Garima Yadav (Kishangarh , Rajasthan , India)


Dr Khandelwal cured my son's leucoderma. I am obliged.
Sarita Ben (Rajkot, Gujarat , India)


You'll find a solution for all types of hair problem at Astha Clinic.
Kashish Barothiya (Ajmer , Rajasthan , India)


Don't think negative about leucoderma. Now there is a successful treatment at Astha Clinic.
Himani Singh (Lalsot, Rajasthan , India)


Woah! Now there exist a successful treatment for leucoderma...
Poonam Rajoria (Sikar , Rajasthan , India)


Astha Clinic, a great place to overcome white spots.
Tara Khanna (Jodhpur, Rajasthan , India)


Dr Khandelwal's treatment removed my multiple stones in left ureter.
Geeta (Ajmer , Rajasthan , India)


Prevent surgery for stones. There's a possible treatment for it at Astha Clinic.
Harsha Jangid (Kishangarh , Rajasthan , India)


After typhoid my hair started falling rapidly. At Astha Clinic, Dr Ranu Gupta's diet advise and treatment stopped my hair falling.
Kusum Lata Gupta (Ajmer , Rajasthan , India)


Dr Khandelwal treated my psoriasis successfully for which I was disturbed since last 10 years. Thanks to doctor.
Pritam Singh (Beawar, Rajasthan , India)


My dandruff was treated at Astha Clinic. It also improved my hair quality. Now I have long and beautiful hair.
Suman Sharma (Jaipur, Rajasthan , India)


Wow ! I have a pimple free face due to Dr Ranu Gupta's treatment.
Abha Tiwari (Ajmer , Rajasthan , India)


I was diagnosed gall bladder stone. Many doctors advised me for surgery but Dr Khandelwal assured me that there is no need of surgery. He started my treatment and suggested me diet plan. In 10 days my abdominal pain, eructation and distended abdomen problem subsided . I continued treatment for 6 months .Now I am absolutely fit.
Narabda Devi (Jaipur, Rajasthan , India)