Loss of sexual desire (frigidity) is common sexual dysfunction among women known as hypoactive sexual disorder (HSD). It is almost seen in women who suffer from mental stress or physical illness. One of the striking features is that at the time of intercourse male partner get early discharge to achieve an orgasm of female. If it regularly happens, it decreases the sexual desire of women and get her evolved in Frigidity. 

A recent study showed that nearly one-third of women aged 18 to 59 suffer from a loss of sexual desire (frigidity) or lost interest in sex.



  • Not enough sleep.
  • Working for long hours.
  • Anger, Depression and family worries.  
  • Conflicts in the relationship.
  • Get experience of pregnancy and abortion for many times 
  • Leucorrhoea (Whitish discharge)
  • low level of hormones
  • Over sexual activities

Major diseases like Diabetes,  Obesity, Parkinson's disease, Neurological disorders, Cardiovascular diseases, Arthritis etc.



Homeopathic & Ayurvedic medicines found to be most effective treatment of frigiduty. A high proportion of women can eventually return to normal condition.   We at Astha Clinic aim to restore your health with the help of  selected medicines . These have been well researched and tested by our experts before providing them to you. These medicines improves harmonal imbalances, corrects other female problems like leucorrhoea. If frigidity is caused due to some major diseases  then we also notices that and controls the disease so that a woman becomes fit and fine.