To release semen while asleep is called nightfall. More than 75% male between 16-25 age suffers from this problem. This is natural process according to modern science and Ayurveda. Nightfall in a month for once or twice is not a problem but more than two times of nightfall leads to some problem in future like generalised weakness and sexual weakness. 



  • Excess thinking about sexual process
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Romantic acts / talks about sex play
  • Excess eating of fried, spicy and junk food


Treatment for nightfall

Nightfall is an easy treatable disease It can be treated in 30 to 45 days with certain special homeopathic medicines. We are treating patients suffering from such problem very effectively without any side effects. Anybody can take this medicine. If you are suffering from such problem then you can contact at our clinic either on telephone or meeting the doctor.

You can also order medicine online, through net banking or debit card.