Impotency is the disease in which the erection of penis and excitement vanishes. Man suffering from this is unable to intercourse. 

ED is a very common condition, particularly in older men but now-a-days it is seen in young men also he is afraid of marriage .Erectile dysfunction can have a significant impact on both your quality of life and your partner. However, in many cases, ED can be treated. Although you may be embarrassed, it is important that you may contact us to diagnose ED so that the cause can be identified. ED is often an early sign that your blood vessels are narrowing.



ED occurs when our body or mind do not work properly. It is discovered that childhood abuse and trauma of sexual and other strong emotional experience are psychological factors for the Dysfunction in adulthood. About 80 % of Erectile Dysfunction or male impotence occur due to physical weakness, 10% due to psychological disturbances, the cause for remaining 10% is not firm.


The causes are mentioned below

  •  Physically and mentally stress at work place and home , short temperedness , insufficient sleep .
  •  Excessive Masturbation in Men.
  •  Lower level of Testosterone Hormone.
  •  Erectile Dysfunction also occurs when there is disliking towards sexual partner. 
  •  Some diseases such as Neurological diseases , Anemia , Depression, Arthritis , Diabetes , Heart diseases , Asthma , Liver disorders , Tiredness may cause Erectile Dysfunction .
  •  Consumption of harmful medicines and drugs , Excess consumption of Alcohol , Smoking , addiction to Opium , Cocaine , Heroin cause  Erectile Dysfunction.
  •  Accidental injury to pelvic region , Prostate enlargement , Anxiety cause impotence or Erectile Dysfunction.
  •  Other reasons:- Childhood abuse , Excess Sex play , Obesity , Anxiety , prolonged bicycle riding , old age also cause  ErectileDysfunction.



Patients come to us with various queries, we diagnose their problems and give appropriate solutions. 

After diagnosing the cause of Erectile dysfunction, we use various Homeopathic & Ayurvedic medicines to treat the disease. We at Astha Clinic ,aim to restore your health with the help of our medicines . These have been well researched and tested by our experts before providing them to you.We give perfect and fruitful treatment which is only possible in Homeopathic & Ayurveda.

Dr. Rajesh Khandelwal has made a powerful & effective tonic for sexual debility. The medicines acts on sexual system. It improves the quality of sperms resulting in increase of sperm motility and counting. It improves the penile erection so the sexually debilitated patient is able to intercourse without any difficulty and nervousness. Treatment of impotency to the patient is given according to the cause and conditions. The patient during the treatment must follow the instructions and guidelines given by the doctor.

The result of the treatment varies from person to person.