Discharge of white sticky substance along with the urine is called Spermatorrhea. It is caused due to excessive masturbation or sex. It is also caused due inefficient digestive system and general weakness. If not treated in time, it  can promote various sexual and other weaknesses hence it requires treatment to avoid further threat to sexual and overall health of a male. It is a sign of sexual weakness. It casts negative effects on one’s self esteem and self confidence.



Over masturbation, fantasies and arousing thoughts causes excitement without ejaculation which causes fluid buildup in the prostrate gland to make it swell over a period.

  •  Excess thinking about sexual process
  •  Consumption of harmful medicines, drugs and alcohol.
  •  Eat spicy and junk food.
  •  Unbalanced diet is also responsible for semen in urine.
  •  Long hours of sitting particularly in a moving vehicle
  •  The seminal fluid blocked in the gland passes out with urine or after urination as pressure on the prostrate gland pushes seminal fluid out of it.
  • Unhealthy sexual behavior also causes swelling in prostrate gland which causes semen leakage in urine.
  • Frequency of urination, thinning of urinary stream, burning sensation after urination or ejaculation, pain in testicles or male organ, ejaculation during bowel movements and cramps in pelvic cavity are few symptoms of prostatitis which gives rise to semen leakage in urine.



People suffering with this problem become prone to Urinary infections, Erectile dysfunction (Looseness of Penis), Premature Ejaculation and diseases like Spermatorrhea, these problems can pose serious threat to health and sexual performance. It is an easy treatable disease for us. We are treating patients suffering from such problem very effectively. Our homeopathic and Ayurvedic medicines have no side effects and any body can take these medicines . Our medicines thickens semen and improves the over all immune system. He regains his sexual power and self esteem.