Leucoderma, medically known as Vitiligo is a chronic skin disorder that causes de-pigmentation of skin. It causes discolouration of parts of skin forming patches due to gradual decrease of melanin from the dermal layers or when the skin cells known as melanocytes, which are responsible for the pigmentation of skin are unable to function.Melanin is the pigment that gives the skin its characteristic color.



The exact cause of the destruction of these cells is not known. One possible explanation might be that the body's immune system destroys the cells, as in other autoimmune conditions. Although vitiligo affects all races equally, it is more noticeable in dark-skinned people.


Common causes of leucoderma are

  • Chronic gastric diseases
  • Deficiency of calcium
  • Burns
  • Intralesional steroid injection
  • Excessive stress, tension and worry

 The condition, in its initial stage may often go unnoticed or can be neglected as it may start from a small patch on the skin, especially on the extremities or edges. But as time goes by, this small patch may enlarge and become big and even multiply. De-pigmentation of skin usually takes place near mouth, eyes, nostrils, fingers, nails, genitals and umbilicus.


Symptoms of Leucoderma

  • The various symptoms observed during leucoderma are: 
  • A small, white patch on the skin which may expand with time
  • Premature greying of hair
  • Loss of hair
  • Hair on the patches become white
  • The patient may often suffer from depression

Leucoderma is the term commonly used in Asia. It means ‘to have white skin’, whereas medically the skin disorder is known as vitiligo, and it is the term more common in the West. Well-known pop-icon Michael Jackson suffered from vitiligo. It has more social significance than medical importance, as it does not cause any major harm to the body. Cosmetically and personally, it can affect lives of the suffers especially in those society, where color of skin is given importance; specially among brown and dark skin people.


Risk Factors for Vitiligo

Vitiligo affects up to 2% of the population, and it is estimated that two to five million Americans have the condition. In most cases, vitiligo develops early in life, between the ages of 10 and 30 years. Ninety-five percent of those affected will develop the disorder before age 40. Both men and women are equally likely to develop vitiligo. Leukoderma or vitiligo is more commonly found in women than in men. Impaired hepatic functions like jaundice, burn injuries, worms and other parasites in the alimentary canal, acute mental worry, gastric disorders, typhoid and faulty perspiratory mechanism are some of the main causes for vitiligo. Moreover, hereditary factors also affect the formation of leukoderma.


Diet & Lifestyle Advice-

  •  Increase consumption of vegetables that are bitter in taste, like drumsticks and bitter gourd.
  • Stay away from difficult to digest foods, sour taste, excessive salt, curd, fish.
  • Avoid consumption of opposite foods, such as fish and milk together.


Leucoderma Treatment

Astha Clinic offers the best treatment for leucoderma  for more than a decade. Worldwide we have cured thounsands of leucoderma patient .So we are in position to cure leucoderma with great confidence.owner of the clinic Dr Rajesh Khandelwal and Dr Ranu Gupta have made an effective formula of medicines choosen from Ayurveda and Homeopathy to cure the disease . These herbal medicines are safe, easy to take without causing any side effects.


Our Medicines

  •  Enhances melanocyte formation by stimulating the natural   process called melanogenesis
  • Controls genetic disposition
  •  Treats after effects of environmental factors such as exposure to   chemicals
  •  Treats aftereffects of emotional stress which may have triggered   the disease process of vitiligo (Leucoderma)
  •  Corrects the hormonal imbalance such as hypothyroid 
  •  Helps body cope up with stress and emotional pressures
  •  Individualistic approach whereby every patient is treated based on   one's case

According to our treatment ,while consuming the medicines, first of all the growth of new white patches stops. Regular consumption of medicines results into change of skin colour  as melanin pigment automatically start forming in the body. After two or three months pigmentation starts appearing and again after a few months white patches slowly and steadily intermingle with the normal skin colour.


The treatment includes  two types of medicines.  Medicine to be taken orally and the oil to be applied directly on the white patches .Sun bath is also advisable for fast results.This way neither bearing pain of surgery nor admitting to hospital as well as at nominal cost, one can get rid of white spots.


Duration of Treatment 

As the disease is chronic and long-standing in nature, it takes time to obtain results. Exact time cannot be predicted. Nevertheless, homeopathy and herbal medicine offers an excellent treatment and a hope to most cases of vitiligo.  The length of treatment should be considered as over 6 months to two years or more.


How to get  the vitiligo treatment ?

Vitiligo treatment is made available online to patients all over the world using the internet or telephone. Number of patients are receiving the treatment from our clinic under the supervision of Dr Rajesh Khandelwal.